I am an independent graphic designer based in Tenerife, Canary Islands.  

Working from my studio I specialise in visual communication for international NGO’s and development organisations, brands, websites and publications. I work alone or with a team of professionals depending on each projects’ requirements. 

I have experienced life in various countries including England, Germany and Denmark. In Germany I joined NHA Architekt and worked on a range of projects as a freelance during 2012. In Denmark I was the art director and designer of InnoEvent 2013. Since 2013 I have been in charge of visual communication for the French project “Freedom-Le Film” and “Freedom Conservation” which has involved working on events in Paris, Chamonix and Dubai.  Other recent projects include creating the corporate identity and fact sheets for “Mainstreaming Biodiversity”, a project led by IUCN and BirdLife international and brochures for SOS SaveOurSpecies and the Polar Programme Catalog “Microplastics in the Arctic” by IUCN Marine. 

We approach every project with passion and dedication, applying meticulous detail and craftsmanship to every stage of our design. Our minimal, straightforward and compelling design style enables our clients to transmit a clear and powerful message across a number of platforms.  This global appeal has lead us to work with discerning clients across the globe. We currently work with organisations in France, Switzerland and Germany which continue to collaborate with us to deliver their creative and strategic goals.

We have recently received a Golden DiCa award in poster design category. 


Dreamscape Immersive / Virtual Switzerland / Elevate Coach / JFT Comunicación / Milena Rodher / IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)  / SOS (Save Our Species) / BirdLife International / Artanim Interactive Switzerland / Freedom Conservation / Freedom Le Film / InnoEvent / NHA Architekt / DreamLiving by Ruth Ruttimann / Route Active Hotel /   



Branding Services 

— Logo
— Brand Identity
— Stationery & Print
— Web Design & Development
— Blog Design
— E-mail Marketing
— Packaging
— Lookbook, Catalogs
— Editorial
— Posters
— Brand Guidelines


Content creation

— Art Direction
— Concepts
— Photography
— Social Media


Product Design

— Exclusives / Limited Editions
— Paper Goods